Practices For Sustainable Farming


When we talk about sustainable farming, this is a concept that not only applies to agriculture but also to livestock farming. Sustainability is doing farming or incorporating practices that ensure that process as well as the environment remains sustainable. Hence, the natural resources that are utilized need to be renewed or kept viable, so that future generations or crops or animal rearing can continue. Usually sunlight, air, water and soil are some of the natural resources that are used in farming of any kind and this need to be kept sustainable.

Use of natural resources

When it comes to natural resources and their usage in a manner that they remain sustainable and renewable, farmers who practice agriculture are taught about the use of harmful and chemical based pesticides. These tend to pollute the soil and water and cause harm to the environment. Hence, most farmers are encouraged to practice sustainable and organic farming practices or asked to choose pesticides or growth products for their plants that would be based on natural ingredients. Nowadays, many portals support farmers and provide accessories such as a roll away nest box for sale, which come of use for poultry farmers.

Giving back to the environment

It is important to use resources in a sustainable manner as well as give back to the environment what is taken from it. Hence, in livestock farming with chook feeders in Australia for sale, it is important that animals who graze on the grounds or the hay and grain that is collected for feeding them is replenished. Animal manure is often used as fertilizer and either used in the same farm grounds or given away to nearby farms. Farmers are encouraged to incorporate different ways to replenish the resources they use so that farms can be self sustaining in most of their operations. For such reasons many farms that have livestock farming also have grains or vegetable farming, either for personal use or for selling in the market that helps to sustain the ecosystem of the farms.

The above are some ways farms can have sustainable practices. They can ensure that natural ingredients are used in the feeding of animals, that they are bred in wholesome ways and what is used in caring and breeding of animals are done in ways that resources are renewed again as required. Nowadays, many governments encourage farmers to follow sustainable farming practices; they are given guarantees by the government as organic or natural farming techniques often lead to fewer yields than the use of genetically altered grains or use of pesticides and other chemical based substances.