How You Can Treat Lactose Intolerance?

You will need to get a professional opinion from your family doctor if you think you are intolerant to dairy. This way you can confirm the symptoms that you exhibit are because of the intolerance and not an effect of something else. But if you’re diagnosed with lactose intolerance you will need to change your lifestyle a little to accommodate it. This doesn’t mean you have to completely cut dairy products from your life. You will still be able to ingest small amounts given that you do it in a careful manner. Your intolerance will be at a different level than someone else’s. This means that you may not necessarily respond to what works on another person. You will have to go through a period of trial and error before you find out exactly how to treat your dairy intolerance. One of the first things you should do once you’re diagnosed is to limit the amount of dairy in your diet.

All types of milk have a certain percentage of lactose. You can check the content of lactose in each dairy product and the calcium amount that you will obtain through it. Milk will naturally have a larger percentage of lactose and calcium. Foods that contain a smaller amount of lactose will be better for you such as Swiss or cheddar cheese. However, you should start with a small amount and see if you experience any symptoms. It is advised to drink dairy milk and other dairy product with food so that it might reduce some of the symptoms. You can use soy cheese and soy milk as a substitute for dairy products. Another tip is to use non-dairy creamer in your morning coffee. Make sure you spread out the dairy products throughout the day rather than ingesting a large amount at once. There are also certain kinds of milk that don’t have reduced their lactose content.

Lactase products will help you digest food that contains lactose. You can either buy pills or dairy products containing lactase such as yoghurt. If you’re eating yoghurt make sure it has live and active cultures.  You can try with different brands of yoghurt and find out which is better for you condition. However, a severe milk protein to dairy will mean that you have to avoid dairy completely. You can obtain medicine that contains the nutrients you need or look for prepared food that contain lactose such as breakfast cereals, breakfast drinks, breads, baked products, instant soups, cookies, biscuit mixes chocolates etc. Make sure that you read the label of the products so you can be sure the ingredients are suitable for you.